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Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is the gold standard for treating lymphedema and consists of a decongestion phase, followed by a maintenance phase. There are several parts to both phases, and all are essential to achieve the best possible outcomes. The decongestion phase aims to reduce the swelling as much as possible and improve your limb shape and skin condition. The Maintenance phase is to maintain and maximize the results of phase 1 and gain long-term control of your lymphedema.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Self Management

Compression Therapy

Patient Education

Exercise and Movement

Skin Care

Causes of Lymphedema

There are two types of lymphedema, primary lymphedema and secondary lymphedema. 

Primary Lymphedema is the abnormal development, or “dysplasia”, of the lymphatic system. You are born with it but symptoms may not show up until later in life.


Secondary lymphedema is most common and is a result of trauma to the lymphatic system. The most common cause is from breast cancer. Some other causes are, surgery, CVI, DVT, scars, obesity, immobility, radiation, lymph node dissection or removal.


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